Liquid Lanolin: The Ultimate Guide

Picture waking up early, in a good mood and ready to tackle your goals. As you open your front door, there’s an ear-piercing squeak.

The culprit? A rusty hinge. 

Pesky rust affects your daily activities at home and in the workplace. It’s for this reason that it’s only natural your first reaction is to search the internet for a quick solution.



The answer to your problem? Lanotec Liquid Lanolin.


Studies show that it is the most effective solution for rust protection and prevention. So stick with us as we dig deeper into what this strange substance is, and cover everything you need to know about our liquid lanolin and why you need to keep it on hand.

What Is Lanolin Oil?

You’ve likely seen lanolin oil in cosmetics and mechanic repair stores. But, is it safe? To get the best answer to this question, you need to understand where lanolin comes from.

Origin of Lanolin Oil

Today, everyone is a conscious buyer. The great news is, lanolin oil is sustainable and biodegradable. It originates from sheep-skin as a secretion, much like the sebum that our skin produces. 

The lanolin transfers onto the wool for a conditioning effect. Because of this, it’s also called wool fat. After shearing off-dry wool, it is inserted into a centrifuge machine to extract the lanolin oil. Thus, this process is 100% harmless for the sheep too. 

Did you know that: These days, lanolin can now fetch three to four dollars a kilo? Making a 200kg drum of it worth nearly as much as a bale of wool.

When lanolin is extracted from wool, it contains high molecular weight. It becomes thick enough to separate into two main product types…

Lanolin Wax

This is a solid remnant of the lanolin crystallization process. Pure lanolin from wool is heated with water to produce organic acids and alcohol. The result is found in common products for skin, hair and makeup. Its ingredients are highly soothing and moisturise dry or chapped skin.

What about allergic reactions? Scientists assure that lanolin products are safe even for babies’ skin. When used, it has minimal allergic reactions and improves skin condition. On top of that, it reduces the chances of dermatitis in infants.


Liquid Lanolin

Lanolin’s liquid form has a high demand because of its multi-purpose nature.

With liquid lanolin, a little goes a long way. It hermetically seals surfaces to extend the life of metal, timber, vinyl, and plastic. This is why our General Purpose Liquid Lanolin gives exceptional value to our customers all the time. 

Liquid lanolin is also a long-lasting lubricant that keeps your equipment rust-free. It achieves this by penetrating through rust and loosening the structure to make it fall off.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the application and benefits of our liquid lanolin.

Main Uses of General Purpose (GP) Liquid Lanolin

Rust is one thing you don’t need in your life. It makes your tools hard to use and damages expensive equipment. Furthermore, some people worry that rust may affect their health:



You should always stay one step ahead. One way to do this is by applying liquid lanolin on moving metal parts or existing rust. At Lanotec, our new GP Liquid Lanolin is accredited with the Prestigious Global Green Tag. This award is a certification that we have among the world’s best eco products. Our respect for sustainability reinforces that our lanolin products are natural and toxic-free

Have a look at its ingredients below:

Component Proportion
Lanolin 30-60%
Propane 10-30%
Butane 10-30%
Petroleum (Naptha) 30-60%

Being proudly Australian-made, we delight in our local and versatile lanolin products

Our lanolin is used in many sectors, such as:

  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Transport and automotive
Liquid lanolin is rapidly gaining in popularity, especially among mariners:

This review shows why companies love to use our GP liquid lanolin:

‘’Several of Lanotec products used, such as Lanolin Spray, Lanotec Grease and the new insect repellant, are being tested on many of Brisbane Water Sewerage Treatment Plants. To date, these products have been very useful in the rust prevention area and, depending on the product application, a very good corrosion inhibitor.’’

GP Liquid Lanolin is everyone’s dream come true. As proof of this, here are some of its extravagant benefits.

What are the Benefits of GP Liquid Lanolin? 

As an award-winning lanolin manufacturing company, Lanotec aims to meet your needs. We ensure our new liquid lanolin surpasses your expectations by guaranteeing these benefits.

Approved Lubricant

Our liquid lanolin is the best on the market because we go above and beyond to ensure that we provide a high-quality product. Our lanolin is HACCP, NZFSA and Halal approved, making it a food-grade lubricant too. Additionally, our liquid lanolin tops the charts because it’s non-carcinogenic. It thus provides a healthier alternative to petrochemical-based products.

Tough and Durable 

GP liquid lanolin has a tough formula to protect your equipment in harsh settings. As tested in Australian environments, it yields the best results in preventing rust. The ingredients in our GP Liquid Lanolin can withstand water in marine oil rigs and mine shafts. So, the protection of your electrical equipment, high-speed and load-bearing chains is guaranteed.

For you, this translates to efficient costs and an eco-friendly worksite.

Increased Performance

Does your machine operate in or around water? You shouldn’t have to worry about rust when you’re on the job. Our new GP Liquid Lanolin takes care of your equipment. As a long-lasting lubricant, it efficiently lubricates all moving parts in highly corrosive environments. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used your tools for years. The versatility of our lanolin makes it safe to use in a variety of sectors, including transport. For example, it’s highly effective at preventing oxidation for containerised shipping. Our product aims to keep moving parts dry, rust-free and looking like new.


Embracing Sustainability with Liquid Lanolin

In today’s eco-conscious world, we at Lanotec are committed to walking the walk when it comes to sustainability. Using our General Purpose Liquid Lanolin isn’t just about safeguarding your belongings; it’s about protecting our planet. This natural product champions environmental conservation, combining biodegradability with eco-friendly manufacturing processes, reflecting our earnest endeavour to create more green solutions.

The lanolin’s journey, from sustainable sourcing to eco-conscious production, stands testament to our commitment to preserving nature. This approach allows us to create a product that not only resists wash and safeguards your electrical equipment, but also resonates with our shared responsibility towards ecological balance.

The essence of using a product like ours is the assurance that while sliding doors move smoother and rusted components regain life, the environment itself remains unharmed. The mutual respect between us, our customers, and nature is woven into every bottle of our liquid lanolin, creating a harmonious balance that benefits us all.

How to Use GP Liquid Lanolin

Experience the all-round protection of Lanotec Liquid Lanolin by using it the right way. All you need to do is apply it neatly to the surface using a spray bottle

If you think you need to re-apply it, test the surface first by spraying some water on the treated area. If the water beads up, then the surface is still protected. If not, you should apply a second layer. Watch this video to see how GP Liquid Lanolin is used on dry steel:

Tip: Store your tools in a cool dry place to prevent rust after applying the liquid lanolin.

Tips on the Process of Applying Liquid Lanolin

When it comes to making the most out of our General Purpose Liquid Lanolin, we believe in the power of getting it right. Here are some practical, straightforward tips to help you ensure every application is effective and safe. Let these nuggets of wisdom guide you in bringing back the vibrancy of your rusted tools and keeping your sliding doors ever-smooth.

  1. Before jumping into applying your lanolin, you must first prepare the surface you need to apply it to appropriately. A clean, dry surface is crucial for the lanolin to do its magic. By ensuring there is no dust or moisture, we set the stage for optimal protection performance.
  2. When it comes to applying, remember, moderation is key. A sensible quantity not only makes your bottle last longer but also guarantees flawless results. Using too much can lead to unnecessary waste, while too little may not provide the protection your seek; for example, in situations where your electrical equipment is situated in highly corrosive environments.
  3. Safety is always a priority. Hence, while the product is non-toxic, we still need to be cautious during application. Avoiding contact with eyes and following the instructions will make every application a breeze, and your experience with the product pleasant and worry-free.
  4. Liquid Lanolin is not just a multi-purpose penetrant; it’s a shield. It protects high-speed environments from the inefficiencies of slow and rusted machines, and loosens rusted tools, ensuring they remain unscathed and function efficiently. It’s a way to ensure your precious belongings are shielded from any unforeseen elements.
  5. Remember, the way you apply your Liquid Lanolin can make a considerable difference. A well-thought-out, considerate approach ensures that every spray, every drop, brings us one step closer to a rust-free, smoother life, all while being kind to our environment.

We believe in the synergy between effectiveness and sustainability, and we trust our tips will help us all in achieving the best results while caring for the world we live in.

Find the Best GP Liquid Lanolin Today

Are you tired of used-up, rusty machinery?

Lanotec manufactures high-quality, natural and biodegradable products to prevent rust. Our range of products has been trusted in Australia for more than 20 years. We continuously test and improve our items to ensure value for money to all our wonderful clients.

‘’It has saved time with labour, steam cleaning, high water pressure and frustration by being effective, user-friendly, cost-effective and environmentally safe.’’

Clean, inspect and protect your equipment with Lanotec GP Liquid Lanolin. Contact us today for a natural maintenance solution.

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