Lanotec Timber Seal in Action

Did you know that Lanotec, the Australian-made leader in sustainable multi-purpose lubricants and protectants, has an extended specialist offering, with a product line dedicated directly for use on wood products?

Introducing Lanotec Timber Seal, the ideal all-natural sealer for wooden decking, furniture and more, which works by penetrating into wood, including exposed decking and furniture, to prevent drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot.

The product also weatherproofs and highlights natural timber grains, all while protecting any metal fastenings and fittings from corrosion.

Available in various pack sizes, Lanotec Timber Seal can be used straight from the container, and does not require thinning or mixing.

Additionally, Timber Seal PLUS is available for use as a sealant for rough-sawn timber.

Case Study: Port Coogee

Welcome to Port Coogee, located just to the south of Perth, Western Australia, an area that is exposed to the full gamut of Indian Ocean weather conditions over the course of a year, from wild winters to scorching summers.

Owned and managed by the City of Cockburn, the Coogee Bay Marina has seen significant recent expansion, providing berthing for hundreds of vessels, as well as associated public and private walkways.

Due to the location of this timber over waterways, the City of Cockburn sought an effective long-term timber treatment, which was cost-effective and safe to use in the environmentally sensitive location, with the obvious choice being Timber Seal Plus.

The marina’s latest timber jetty was produced by Jarrah and installed just over a year ago, with the timber treated with Timber Seal Plus prior to construction.

The first re-coat of the product was recently applied, with the contractor noting that Timber Seal Plus was the easiest product that they have used to date, with the next coat set to be applied May next year, ahead of the worst of the Winter weather.

The City of Cockburn is now seeking to remove the paint treatment from its original boardwalk so that it can be treated with Timber Seal and brought in line with the newer areas of the facility.

The results stand for themselves, with the timber well protected while being able to age naturally.

Clean and Green

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, Lanotec’s range is the culmination of long-term development focused on premium quality, all-natural, sustainable lanolin-based products, which are non-toxic and ideal for use in environmentally sensitive locations.

Lanolin is an organic substance produced by sheep to shield the coating on their fleece, which carries its amazing protective properties into a wide range of real-world uses.

Backing up the green credentials of the Lanotec offering, multiple products have received Global Green TagTM’s prestigious certification, NSF certification, are endorsed for use in industries operating a HACCP-based food safety program, as well as being approved by AQIS for use in export registered meat establishments.

Lanotec Aerosols

A Product for Every Occasion

Lanotec produces a wide range of natural lanolin-based products covering diverse application fields, including new lines bespoke for 2023 to the marine industry, MGX, and for the electrical trades, EGX.

A new consumer-grade product is Lanotec MPX, the ideal multi-purpose product to use around the home, workshop or garden, whenever a dependable lubricant or penetrant is required.

While providing long-lasting lubrication, MPX also penetrates, freeing up rusted tools, nuts and bolts, stops squeaks, repels moisture while preventing water ingress, protects metal from corrosion, and rejuvenates vinyl, leather and powder-coated surfaces, amongst a multitude of potential uses.

Lanotec MPX is available in 300g aerosol, 600 mL spray packs, and 5-litre bulk pack sizes.

The new aerosol line features a handy combo nozzle for use in any circumstance, with its inert CO2 propellant non-hazardous and non-flammable, ensuring maximum delivery of active ingredients.

Continuing to lead the charge in professional applications are Lanotec’s General Purpose and Heavy-Duty product offerings, which provide next-level lubrication and protection while cleaning, rejuvenating and extending the life of metal, timber, plastic, rubber, and fibreglass finishes.

A popular line for 4WDs and light vehicles is Lanotec Steel-Seal, which provides not only high-performance corrosion protection for underbodies but also prevents further rust from developing on already corroded areas.

The liquid lanolin products are available in various formulations for different uses, with specialist products including Type A Grease and Soft Grease, Wire Rope Lube, welding Anti-Spatter, Release Agent for use around concrete formwork, and spray bottles.

The perfect companion to the lanolin-based range is Lanotec Citra-Force, an organic industrial-strength cleaner and natural degreaser, which safely cleans a wide range of finishes, including aluminium, stainless steel and anodised surfaces without streaking.

The product removes hard-to-clean material, including oil, grease, carbon, adhesives, acrylic paint, shipping waxes, blackjack, uncured silicone, sealants, lanolin and rubberised glue, amongst many uses.

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