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For Gavin Heggs, a passion for motocross has flourished into an industry that has seen the Twist It Moto brand take its mentoring and coaching far and wide.

Now based in Queensland, the Western Australia native now spends seven days a week using his extensive knowledge of the sport to improve the speed and skills of others, with the niche service rapidly growing in stature, helping first-timers through to seasoned professional competitors.

With an emphasis on fun and safety, Twist It Moto offers one-on-one coaching through to small groups and larger clinics, ensuring tuition is available for riders in every situation and at all price points.

Truly catering for all ages and riders from any background, Twist It Moto’s eldest student is 58, while the youngest pupil in its ranks may be somewhat surprising.

“I’m coaching from the beginner level, the youngest kid I’ve taught is currently two years old, she is on a set of training wheels, and with her, we are still able to teach the fundamentals of braking control, throttle control technique and more,” said Gavin.

“Male, female, there are all different levels of riders wanting to get into the sport, I’ve just been helping anyone and everyone really, and try to bridge that gap between a lot of the other coaches that are only focused on the elite level.

“You can’t expect riders to come into the sport blind-eyed and not really having any sense of direction.

“So, it’s where I found a big market, I’ve been able to pick up high demand for people who are looking to just get on a bike for the first time.

“I guess for me, the best students that I’ve found are the ones that are really keen to learn, they want to get out there and listen, and take onboard everything that you say and try to put into place the lessons to better themselves.”

South East Queensland has proven to be the perfect base to grow the business, with numerous recreational motocross venues available, which are perfect for training riders of all skill levels.

Starting out from Willowbank MX near Ipswich, a facility that helped Gavin find his feet in the local scene, the demand for his services has seen him travel to venues such as Queensland Moto Park near Boonah, the Gold Coast Motocross Club at Yatala, Gap Creek near Cunningham’s Gap, MX Farm near Gympie, Glen Echo Park north of Gympie and others.

Each of the facilities has its own perks, with various tracks to suit the different ability levels, while also making the sport accessible to significant local catchments of participants.

As a sign of the popularity of Twist It Moto, Gavin is currently coaching in Indonesia for two weeks, before he returns to Western Australia in August to fulfil a series of sessions.

The next step in Twist It Moto’s growth is to head Stateside, with 2024 likely to see him make his first North American appearance, with the venture to date having been delayed by the pandemic.

In the USA, motocross tourism is a big deal, with package deals combining bikes, accommodation and tours, with coaching now becoming a valuable facet of the bundles.

Beyond coaching, Twist It Moto is involved in racing, such as with team rider Nate Tomerini, it is the driving force behind Charity Ride Safe events, while also offering rider support, filming and photography.

Jump On Board

So, it’s one thing being a coach, but what does Gavin ride himself?

“It just depends on what’s in front of me at the time!” Said Gavin.

“Over the past two years, I’ve gone from a Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke, last weekend I rode a KTM 125 and a (Yamaha) YZ450, I currently own a YZ 450, but I’ve pretty much been through the range of Yamahas from top to bottom since I was on an 85, right up to the 450.

“I did a testing year for them on every single bike in their range.

“For a favourite, I’d have to go with the KTM 125 that I rode recently, that thing was an absolute weapon, but I’ve been with Yamaha consistently since I was on an 85, so I feel pretty comfortable with them.”

The Lanotec Connection

A common thread with Lanotec users around the country is that the multipurpose attributes of the products can find a home in any setting.

Within Western Australia, Lanotec’s offering is a mainstay in mining circles, and it was a contact from that industry that introduced Gavin to the range, and he hasn’t let go in the six years since.

“From that first time I heard about it, I haven’t stopped using it,” said Gavin.

“We’ve been using different products on the chains, we’ve been using it on the rear shocks underneath the rubber boots, we grease the shafts on the rear suspension, on the wheel bearings, Type A grease, then you can use the General Purpose as a polish on the plastics.

“I’m just constantly using it, and you forever find new uses for it.

“I now see it everywhere, since I’ve been using it, you see it in a lot of retail stores.

“There have been a couple of people in the industry that I’ve come into contact with because of the coaching, and then all of a sudden, they are sending me a photo of them using Lanotec, which is pretty cool!

“It’s starting to spread more and more in the motocross industry, you see it used on the four-wheel drives and cars, even in the marine industry, because that is actually a part of my background as well – it’s cool to see the marine grade product that was released recently.

“Everyone asks me ‘what do I use it for?’ But I say, ‘What don’t I use it for!’

“Everything and anything, it’s cool that it has got so many good uses, if it needs lubrication, you go straight to Lanotec.”

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