Natural WD-40 Alternative

Having a can of WD-40 stored away in a cupboard or garage somewhere has become a household basic throughout Australia and the world.

Creaky door hinges? Grab that WD-40. Squeaky hinge on your garage doors? WD-40 will clear that right up. It’s easy to just sit back and believe that WD-40 is the only answer you need in your toolbox.

And yet, what if we were to tell you that there are better, more natural and even more hard-working degreasers and penetrating oils out there? Products that are great at rust prevention and will make items less likely to collect dirt? Sounds unbelievable but trust us – we know natural degreasers and what the best penetrating oil out there is.

By utilising natural, non-toxic, biodegradable WD-40 alternatives such as lubricating oils or natural degreasers, you’ll be choosing a more sustainable option that will even open up additional lubricant properties – more so than WD-40, as hard as that may be to believe.

Comparing penetrating oil, mineral oil and lubricating grease

One of the WD-40 alternatives that exists are lubricating oils and greases, including mineral oil. It’s important to understand exactly which one may be right for you and why. Not only are these products more environmentally friendly but they have been rigorously tested to ensure they are delivering the best result possible – even better than WD-40.

There are many advantages associated with using oil as a machine lubricant, particularly when you need heat to be transferred from the penetrating lubricant to the outside of the system. It’s also useful when that piece of equipment needs a central oil supply that has the ability to lubricate many different components of the machine at the same time.

The other advantages to using lubricating oil as a mechanical lubricant apply to machines that need constant and frequent lubrication, to ensure parts that move at high velocities are lubricated and lubricating machine components that can be easily accessed. 

On the other hand, utilising grease as a mechanical lubricant can also have advantages in certain situations. Grease will be useful as a lubricant for machinery that isn’t used all the time to ensure that it will be lubricated when used next. If there are parts that aren’t easily accessed or components that are permanently sealed, lubricating grease is a good option in this circumstance. Other situations where lubricating grease is the best option include machinery that typically moves at low speeds or machinery that operates under extreme conditions. 

Why should you choose natural degreasers?

Natural degreasers, such as Citra-Force, are perfect for efficiently and effectively cleaning your machinery and plant equipment, including any electrical components. The natural degreaser will safely clean all machines and associated parts that contain aluminium, stainless steel and anodised surfaces whilst not leaving any streaks, ensuring the best clean possible. 

Heavy-duty industrial natural degreasers go above and beyond to get rid of even the hardest-to-budge materials, such as grease, oils, rubberised glue, bitumen, lanolin, adhesives, carbon, acrylic paint, uncured silicone grease and a wide variety of others. Natural degreasers will also work effectively to prevent rust and remove grease quickly from products such as bicycle brakes and parts.

Removing rust and grease from a bicycle chain

When a bicycle chain becomes worn with age and starts to show signs of rust and dirt, reaching for a can of WD-40 or that tub of petroleum jelly won’t be as effective as you might think. The lubricating properties of WD-40 mean that it won’t be a sufficient solution to handle the pedalling torque and speed that is built up from the movement of pedalling. And whilst petroleum jelly or petroleum oil is a slightly more environmentally friendly option, it’s not the best alternative as it doesn’t biodegrade.

It’s worth trying out a lanolin-based lubricant, such as a General Purpose Liquid Lanolin product which is an effective solution for not only removing grease whilst acting as a rust prevention product but will also perform well as a corrosion inhibitor.

Using a lanolin-based alternative to WD-40 is a sustainable, high-performing choice that will allow your bike chains to last for a longer period of time and free rusted bolts or dissolve rust, all great reasons to utilise it as soon as possible.

Protecting electrical connectors and equipment

Whilst WD-40 might be the go-to product that people reach for to protect electrical equipment, such as electrical connectors between heavy-duty trucks, before reaching for that trusty can next time, it might be worth looking into alternatives that have similar properties but are far more effective. Using a heavy-duty liquid lanolin is a great option to protect electrical equipment on machinery, including components such as battery terminals, boxes and connectors.

Getting rid of a squeaky door hinge

Possibly one of the most annoying aspects of older door hinges is the creakiness and the sounds that are produced as a result. Whilst most people might turn to a silicone spray or lithium grease, specifically white lithium grease, to get rid of this problem, it’s a good idea to consider using other alternatives such as a lanolin-based product.

It’s a multi-purpose lubricant that is fantastic at protecting hinges and acting as a rust inhibitor which is crucial when thinking of ways to prevent rust and reduce friction on door hinges.

Lanolin – the WD-40 alternative that belongs in every Australian household

Whilst WD-40 has long been the go-to product that people will grab, it’s time to investigate sustainable, more environmentally friendly degreasers and lubricating oils. Lanolin is increasingly being recognised as an extremely versatile product that is intentionally designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment and allow families to get back to what’s important without spending time and money on products that will only provide a short-term solution.

If you want to chat about what product might be right for you, get in touch with our team today to see why lanolin-based products belong in your toolbox.

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